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First Mortgage, Inc. (FMI), is pleased to offer internet access to allow viewing of
current and prior year account histories.
Once the password is established with FMI you can log on to view up-to-date payment transactions.
Submit original forms to office by mail. Forms can be submitted by email, please email to Manager


To set up your account for online access please submit a ACCOUNT ACCESS

If you are using a debit card you can come into the office during business hours
to complete the payment and avoid the additional processing noted below

Note: There is an escrow handling uo to 2.55% for this additional service.
Any escrow handling will be billed separately, if you include the charge in your
payment, please note in the description section.

(certain minimum and maximum payment amounts may apply)

Other forms of payment are accepted in the office to avoid any additional costs.
The ACH program is available at no extra charge to make payments.
The ACH program requires 3 business days to verify inforation before funds can be processed  
To submit the ACH withdrawal form CLICK HERE.

Need to change your address? CLICK HERE
Need to change your disbursement(s)? CLICK HERE

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